Group Bio

Encomium Ensemble
We were established in 2018, as a group brought about through the Indiana Flute Circle. Encomium is a Latin word derived from the Greek and it refers to a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly.

Encomium Ensemble consists of:

Gary Cope
Gary is a life-long musician, who has studied music and plays a variety of instruments including tenor saxophone, guitar, piano, Native American Flute, Viola da Gamba and Tenor Vielle. Gary
has played in several bands in the 80’s as a full-time musician across the US and Canada. He plays the bowed instruments for the group and does all of the musical arrangements; he also
composes some of his own scores for the group.

Carol Hatfield
Carol has a bachelor’s degree in music performance, and has worked with many ensembles in the Indianapolis area. Carol also plays a variety of instruments including Native American flute, silver flute, and bass guitar. She plays the bass, does our vocals, and has composed some scores for the group.

Joel DeLashmit
Joel is an active member of the Indiana Flute Circle and studies at the Irish Arts Academy of Indianapolis. Joel plays the Native American Style Flute, and Irish Whistles for the group. He also works on the promotion and marketing for the group.